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Versatility & Adaptability

Our firm has been in business for more than 75 years, we have numerous suppliers of specialist services and distributors of materials across the country. We have contact names and emergency numbers for after-hours service. This gives us access to a large inventory of knowledge, materials and equipment.

We have developed procedures that have responded to every emergency that has come our way – from substation failure, to fire, smoke and water damage, to Ice Storm 98, to fire alarm system breakdown, just to name a few.

Our experience is our biggest asset. Our team of dedicated experts is ready to serve you day and night.


Recent Projects

Substation and Switchgear Failure

Multiple Tenant Industrial Facility
Value: $400K
Description: Due to water damage in the secondary switchgear, an explosion occurred and severely damaged the electrical system. Within 24 hours, we restored power to most of the building with the installation of a 1250 KW generator. With the assistance of 13 sub-trades, in 23 days we designed, engineered and completely rebuilt primary and secondary equipment.

Food Plant

Substation upgrade and new equipment
Value: $750K
Description: We designed, supplied and installed a new 5000 KVA substation to replace a failing 5000 KVA transformer. We installed thermal imaging viewports to monitor primary and secondary terminations. We also designed, supplied and installed distribution and fire alarm systems for two additions to the plant. As well, we installed wiring for new state of the art equipment in production area and made electrical modifications to equipment wiring to meet CSA standards.

LED Lighting

LED Lighting Upgrade
Value: $5K to $300K
Description: Since 2013, we continue to upgrade many commercial, industrial and institutional facilities to LED lighting which provides significant energy and maintenance cost savings.
Most recently, we upgraded a food industry from T5HO to LED lighting. This installation included the integration of all lighting (indoor and outdoor) into the building automation system for centralized control of lighting.

Automated Warehouse

Arc Flash Analysis
Value: $45K
Description: We collected data from electrical distribution for approximately 300 busses and created a one-line drawing with nameplate specifications for each device. We installed labels complete with arc flash boundaries with incident energy levels and minimum PPE requirements.

Small Agricultural

Value: $300K
Description: Designed, engineered, supplied and installed electrical systems for hydroponic container farming. This included LED lighting, HVAC, irrigation, network and automated controls.

Large Agricultural

Value: $4M
Description: Designed, engineered, supplied and installed electrical systems for a 70,000 sq.ft. cannabis growing facility. Project milestones included, 12 MVA power entry, along with HV switchgear, primary metering equipment, 2x 2.5 MVA transformers and associated secondary switchgears.
1x 300 KW generator system along with automatic transfer switches and distribution.
This also included power distribution, lighting, HVAC, irrigation, network, telecom, security and automation systems.

Elementary / Secondary Schools

Renovations / New fire alarm systems & lighting upgrades
Value: $5K to $480K
Description: New power entries, installation of fire alarm systems and removal of old; Lighting upgrades; Installation of occupancy sensors; Rewiring of labs and classrooms; Installation of emergency and stand-by systems; General maintenance as required.

Retirement Homes

Value: $450K
Description: New power entry, complete wiring of 40 new units, and alterations to 26 existing units and main kitchen. Installation of new fire alarm system and ancillary devices.

Chemical Plants

Plant distribution and 20,000 sq.ft. addition
Value: $300K
Description: We installed power and control wiring for self-regulating and power limiting heat tracing cables, RTDs, control panels for process systems. We performed the commissioning and start-up with an industrial systems integration company.

Hazardous / Volatile Areas
Paint Manufacturer

Value: $1.4M
Description: Installed motor control centres and power distribution to serve nearly 200 pieces of equipment throughout the facility.

Also designed, supplied and installed new exit/emergency lighting and fire alarm systems.

Installed power and controls for new HVAC equipment along with required interlocks.

Performed electrical alterations to older classified equipment to meet with the requirements of the Ontario Electrical Safety Code for hazardous locations.

Designed supplied and install a static grounding system as per NFPA 70 requirements.

Agrifood Company

Value: $2.6M
Description: We upgraded the existing substation to 4000kva. We upgraded the existing lighting system to LED throughout the facility. We designed, supplied and installed a maze of over 5000ft of cable trays along with power distribution and control cabling for building systems and process equipment. We installed distribution and automatic transfer devices for a 300kw generator. We also installed a new addressable fire alarm system along with security, voice and data/network systems. We performed electrical alterations to foreign equipment to meet with the requirements of the Ontario Electrical Safety Code.